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These Havanese Puppy and Dog

Breeders can be found in
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Ultra-Sweet 100% Pure Havanese Puppies for the Discerning Dog Fancier.
Specializing in QUALITY Havanese - raised with love - shown with pride!
Well bred, well socialized puppies available to approved homes.

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Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered purebred pups
Vet referred, with health guarantee
Reservations are being accepted for litters due & born
All puppies are very well socialized
Show pups available on occasion


MistyTrails Havanese

Emily & Bev Dorma (West Coast)

British Columbia

New website: mistytrails.ca
Phone: 250-743-5370
Cell: 250-709-1805

Now accepting deposits for new litter

Puppies Availability! See the following web site for the most current
information and up to date pictures and availability.
Click here or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

*** ~ www.wix.com/mistytrails/pups *** ~

PUPPIES (See the Wix link above for up to date puppy pics of born/reservable pups)


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered purebred pups - vet referred, with health guarantee, from Registered and Certified Breeders. Reservations are being accepted for litters due & born. All puppies are very well socialized. Show pups available on occasion.
NEW BC law - You have to be Registered and Certified. WE are.




Contact mistytrails@uniserve.com


On Vancouver Island we have a large group of Havanese owners that meet up to 4 times per year, usually one gathering and walk in Sidney, 2 playdates in Cobble Hill, and 1 in Nanaimo for large Havanese Playdates in enclosed Fenced areas. If you own a havanese and would like to get on the mailing list to be updated and invited to these events, please contact Bev. It is a great place to meet others in our breed, and give your havanese a nice social outing.



When it comes to our reputation, and Havanese breeding program, quality is NOT negotiable.
To work with the Elite team, Health testing must not just be done, but certified-shared and posted public. Vet files must be open. Pups must be well socialized, and not raised in the basement or barn.

Breeders working with us, that we recommend - Judi, Carla, Gerri, Pat, Rose, Jeff, Gregg, Pam, Rich, Karin, Lollo, Lolla, Cindy, Barb, Ron, Taunya, Janet, Lynne, Paul, Shannon, Bill, Sue, Charlotte, Kyle, Nadine, Trish M, Purna, Rachel, Steve, Rena, Tammy, David, Kate, Teresa, Debbie, Roberta, Michelle, Sandra and David are some that are working with us, to improve the havanese breed.

It takes a whole VILLAGE to make this work, and working with a Village,
makes it more fun. Our village is expanding.

YES, we have puppies - AWESOME, mild, gentle, loving temperment...
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We offer LIFETIME support on every puppy we place!

Read an Article "A good breeder won't just provide you with a great puppy..."
Read an Article "Free Advise on How to Buy a Good Puppy"
Read these two articles called: "Information on housebreaking your new puppy"
and - "Housebreaking Your Puppy"

Read an Article WHAT to FEED my PUPPY - from Tufts University

As reputable & responsible breeders we do not cut corners:
Read an Article: Breeding, The Money Myth - from www.dogsincanada.com

See our Testimonials & Referrals page.

See our page - Before and After - Puppy to Adult

For information on shipping puppies and/or dogs please see out Shipping Page

Our puppies are all socialized with cats, too!

(Sorry kitten is not for sale - he just cuddles & plays with all our puppies)

See Socializing Havanese Pups and Dogs

To go on a waiting list for a puppy, we require a 10% deposit, a detailed cover letter of request including one reference. This deposit is refundable, when your pup is spayed, neutered, or a ckc champion. Puppies are placed in order of deposit recieved, pending available puppies that match your request.

YES, we sell PETS!
We place Top Quality Puppies, for PETS, in Companion Pet Homes.
Our PUPPIES are available to loving homes for Companion Pets. We show our dogs to prove correct structure and temperament, and most of our pups are adopted into family homes. Many people still think we ONLY breed show dogs, we do breed top quality, show potential pups, but for family homes. We breed for health and longevity.


See our page - Before and After - Puppy to Adult

For information on shipping puppies and/or dogs please see out Shipping Page


Don't like the long hair?
90% of Pet Havanese puppy owners, keep thier dog's hair short, in what we call a puppy cut. Only for the show ring, is the hair left long, and the occasional pet owner, that wants to keep up the coat. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

click here to view availability and planned litters.

We offer LIFETIME support on every puppy we place!

Parents are Champions, or Champion lines, with proven temperments.
All parents have current health testing, including CERF and Luxating Patella's

Puppies have FULL vet Exam, CKC tatoo'd or microchip'd, and guaranteed
First shots and wormed. Can. complimentary Pet insured

Isoflurane, though more expensive, is extremely safe, and is not metabolized in the same way as halothane or methoxyflurane. Wakeup is almost immediate once the medication is discontinued. Isoflurane is generally the anesthetic of choice for Havanese. Discuss this with your Vet.

There isn't a PRICE DIFFERENCE between a "PET" & a "SHOW" DOG ("Show Potential"). They have had the same care and they have the same Sire and Dam. The difference is in the purchaser's obligations to the dog, as well as the contract.

Read the article "Time to start potty training using the "Misty Method"

Grooming your Havanese - www.dogbreedinfo.com/showdogs/grooming.htm

Re-homing, Rescue Pups & Adult Havanese in Need of Adoption.

VERY occasionally (hardly ever) we have a pup that needs re-homing. Adults rarely come available, as our breeding dogs are our pets, but occasionally a family will need to re-home their beloved pet.
For info Email Bev at: mistytrails@uniserve.com


click here to view availability and planned litters.

The above three all breed for health and a RAINBOW of colours!
Black, Chocolate, Red, or white, they are all precious in our sight.

Click here to view puppies that have found their forever families!

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