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Ultra-Sweet 100% Pure Havanese Puppies for the Discerning Dog Fancier.
Specializing in QUALITY Havanese - raised with love - shown with pride!
Well bred, well socialized puppies available to approved homes.

Elite Havanese Ships Dogs and Puppies World Wide

No puppy is ever sent on a plane, until they are crate trained, as they then find their crate a Safe Haven.

Stressful, on a puppy, would be to be removed from his litter, put in a crate for the first time, and locked in a Box, and put on a noisy plane. WE Do Not do this.

The pup is taught to be alone, to help with separation anxiety. He considers his crate a safe haven, a crib, his den, and then, they are sent to new owners, with a scent toy and scent blanket in the crate.

As pups are raised in our Kitchen/Family room, the noisy plane is not something scary as our pups receive early social stimulation, and have been introduced to various noises. Often barn and basement raised pups are scared of even a vacuum cleaner, ours are not.

After they board the plane, they are put into a nice secure heated area, and they just figure they have gone for a nap. When they reach their destination, ALL of our puppies, come happily out kissing you. we NEVER EVER sedate a puppy for transport. We have no need to.
WE WILL DELIVER... (pups goes up on plane, under our seat)

For far destinations, like Australia / Africa, we use a Pet Relocation company. If they have a connection we will have them go to a Pet Spa for the night or a few hours, for food, potty and exercise.
Africa Trip was;
      First leg to Toronto and stay in Doggy spa
      Next leg to England and stay in Doggy Spay
      Next day to Africa. On arrival the puppy bounded out of his crate, like he lived there.

WE have sent pups to Australia, Africa, 3 to Dubai, Hawaii, Colombia, New York, and Sweden. We have delivered pups to Chili, Mexico, Philippines, New York, Hawaii, and Sweden

Dogs shipped to Hawaii

Havanese dogs in Hawaii and Britich Columbia Havanese dogs in Hawaii and Britich Columbia Havanese dogs in Hawaii and Britich Columbia Havanese dogs in Hawaii and Britich Columbia

L to R - Emily showing Destiny, Rodeo, and Pam, Bev, Emily, and Richi, Eddie went to Hawaii for Stud and Show.

See our dogs that have been shipped World wide on our International page. This page includes: Rodeo, Desi, Tequilla, Smilla, Candy, Stella, and Grant.

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