Information on Housebreaking Your New Puppy

"THE Pee Speech"
I recomend you buy a couple of beginning dog training books: See list at the end of this article.

For newbie dog owners, I further recomend you bring in a trainer, as the outline of some peoples homes presents a challenge as to WHAT door you should use, plus sometimes you can change the simplist thing to make the training so much easier.

Your New puppy is house trained, but only to my kitchen, and my potty station.
You have to train it to your house. The dog may live to be 15 to 18 years old. Those can be pleasurable where you can trust the dog under all circumstances or you can have a dog that is constantly causing you a problem sneaking behind your back leaving presents you don't want. If you have a potty station IN your kitchen this will further confuse your puppy, you need to teach your dog, potty area is Outside and only outside, unless you live on the top floor of an apartment. With people that Must have a potty station, it must be kept well away from play and eating areas. In some areas where weather is poor, I recomend an outdoor potty station, just outside the door, in a covered excercise pen, or out on the deck. A puppy does not like to go out in the wind and rain, so set up a nice outdoor voiding area.

When you take your new puppy home, you put him on the slip lead and tie the other end to your wrist or waist. For the next two weeks the dog is tied to you, in the excercise pen, outside either on lead or in a fenced area, or in its crate sleeping, or cuddling on your lap, or in your arms. He/She is NEVER running loose on your carpet area's. A baby gate enclosing him in your kitchen, under your eye also works, or an excercise pen in the corner of your kitchen.

PUP goes to bed, each nite, in his crate, beside your bed. First thing in the morning when you wake up, regardless of the weather, and every two hours while the dog is with you during the day and after every indoor play period or meal, you take the dog outside to the same spot and you smile and say "pee" or "go potty". Then you wait until the dog does it's business. When it is done you laugh and say "good PEE" and give a reward. Go right back into the house even if he is to come back outside to play. Peeing is not playing and the activities are not to be confused. Remember to let the puppy Walk to the door, do not carry him, so that this repetition, teaches him where the door is. IF you pick him up, every day, and carry him outside, he doesn't learn to go to the door. Also, if you play at potty times, dogs are smart, and will prolong going inside, as they want to extend the play time.

During the day when you cannot have the dog tied to you, place him in his xpen under some supervision.. IF you are going out, and plan to be gone a while, and need to leave a pee pad in the xpen, PUT THE XPEN< IN THE UTILITY ROOM OR BACK ROOM, do not have a pee pad, in your kitchen, or main living area. (I recomend not using a pee pad, or potty paper, unless you must, leave the pup for a bit too long) and then you put in the room, a crate, a pee pad, water and food inside an x-pen. If you can't get back to him in time to pee him outside, at least he can use the pad and still be a "good dog.". Just set the xpen up, in a safe, back room, garage, utility room, some room, he doesn't consider as part of the home, as you may find off lead, he runs to that area, when he needs to potty, so if it is a utility room or laundry room, you can just shut that door.

At night, when you go to bed, put the dog in his crate and if you aren't going to turn the lights out, put a towel over the crate so it is dark inside his "cave." When he whines, tell him to stop, he just needs assurance you are there. Remember most pups bark and whine, the first night or two, as they are separated from their pack. Ideally the breeder will have given the pup alone time in a crate, so this will be easier than a puppy never introduced to a crate. This is the time, you give the pup the 'scent' article, ie: teddy... given to you by the breeder. This item smells like his littermates. Still, most puppies will try to make you feel sorry for them, and whine... Do not give in, do NOT put the pup on your bed, or there is no turning back. LOL Don't let him out unless his bark is the "I have to pee" urgency and then, put the lead on him, take him outside to his spot, pee him, treat and back to his crate. If you have exercised him during the day he will be tired and want to sleep anyway. What you are trying to do is avoid him having an accident in the house and then having to learn that going in the house is not allowed. And you are teaching him where relieving himself is allowed. This is why you do Not want a potty station in the house, after the pup is 9 weeks old, if you can help it, as you are trying to teach the pup, that relieving himself, indoors, is Not allowed. At 9 weeks, I move the potty area to my outside deck, and introduce a doggy door. If your pup has an accident, it is your fault. He doesn't know better and the reason he is tied to you is so you can keep an eye on him and take him outside if he demonstrates behavior that indicates he is going to relieve himself - like circling with nose to the ground. Because our pups are not rack pen raised, or raised in a totally paper lined pen, they KNOW there is a designated spot to eliminate, USE THIS TO Your advantage, and watch for the demo WALK. Our pups KNOW from 4 weeks on, that you do not potty in your bed/house/play area. But all this can come undone in a week, if you assume your puppy is going to just Know what to do at his new home. Puppies do NOT come housebroken. It is your choice. Two weeks of work now and 15 years of peace or the alternative. Additional info/comments from other breeders and pet owners

1. Pups have great sense of smell, so if there is a accident in house you need to eliminate that odor with a cleaning product designed to eliminate the odor.

2. I have also heard that dogs won't eliminate where they are fed, so if he is stuck on a spot in your house being the elimination spot, feed the dog there to erase that previous neural pathway.

REMEMBER Puppies CANNOT hold it for long periods of time. They physically cannot. So you cannot expect the pup to hold it for hours while you are gone. The pup is not being "Bad", it is just not possible for his development stage.

Also to get the dog to understand you must catch him in the act of peeing or pooping and then tell him, "No". No anger towards the pup, just calm and firm. If you do not catch him, he will not understand what it was that he did wrong. You cannot correct him a minute later, or even 15 seconds later. Whatever the dog is doing at the exact moment you correct him is what he will think you are not approving of. If you yell about the waste after the fact the pup will think the pee or poop is bad on the floor but will not associate it with the "act" of peeing or pooping. You MUST catch them in the act for them to understand. Rubbing the pups nose in the waste will do nothing to teach the dog.

BELL training is very popular with the Havanese, just add a bell to your door, and take your pups paw and hit it, make it ring, EVERY time you go out the door, eventually the pup can learn, that ringing the bell, will make the door open. The havanese do well with this, as many havanese will not bark to get your attention.

The EASIST way to house break a puppy, is to have an older trained dog. Often they will do it all for you.

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Recomended books:

1. How to House Break Your Dog in Seven Days by Shirlee Kalstone

2.Dog Training for Dummies by Jack and Wendy Volhard, >>

3.How to Raise a Puppy you can live with by Rutherford and Neil and Maran Illustrated Dog Training by the Maran Family.

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