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One of the Most REMARKABLE Breeding Programs in North America!

We are not a puppy mill, but we have more than 1 or 2 litters a year, so we have experience. Adults live in the community - in family homes not in kennels. All pups are kitchen raised, potty trained from 3 weeks on, and going outside by 7 weeks with a full time stay at home mom. They are crate trained to assist in separation and are socialized according to research to best give the pups the best start in life. Vet files are all open to public as are multiple vet's certifications, and multiple references. Annual online health testing and online pedigrees show no inbreeding. Visitors are welcome anytime, even with short notice.

Testinonials & Referrals for Elite Havanese on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada

Here are a few links, as PDF files, to the many testimonials and referral letters we receive:

In August, 2013 Janet wrote:

Hi Bev, I need to thankyou you, from a breeder to a breeder

... All but one of the puppies are in their forever homes and I wanted to pass on the thanks I'm getting about how well-forward, quick learning the puppies are ... no need for potty training he goes out by himself... NO one can believe that 8/9 week puppies can do it straight-away ... it sure made life so much easier in the latter weeks ...

Read the full letter here

On July 21, 2013 Bill and Joan wrote:

Joan and I had been considering a dog for several years and after extensive research we decided to explore the possibilities of having a Havanese take over our lives.

This eventually led us to Bev Dorma and Misty Trails.

The way in which Bev breeds and raises her Havanese pups is remarkable. Her breeding program and rearing techniques are outstanding. ... Read the full letter here

Steven wrote:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Bev Dorma of Misty Trails Havanese.

Prior to actively searching for a companion dog for myself, I did extensive library and internet research in order ...

... In my experience, Bev has demonstrated kindness, integrity and generosity, both as a person and a businesswoman. As well, she continues to demonstrate her tremendous love for her dogs and the breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients, both past and present ... Read the full letter here

Pam in Hawaii wrote

To All Concerned,

It is with great pleasure that I speak to you about a woman named Bev Dorma.

The fact that I am raising, showing and breeding Havanese successfully is because I owe it all to this wonderful woman. She is the epitome of what it takes to be a remarkable and ethical breeder and I am forever grateful to her. ...

... Her door, phone and email is always open to those in need of her assistance. She is one that you can rely on and she will always give you honest information and answers, ...

Read the full letter here

Sharon wrote

I have known Bev Dorma for about 12 years now, since 1998. Out of all of the breeders I have known, I have never met one with as much knowledge of the Havanese breed ...

... Bev is a valuable asset to the Havanese breed, trustworthy, genuine, and generous.

Read the full letter here

Satisfied Customer wrote

We got our second havanese from MistyTrails. We are Very Happy. She is now a year old, and it is very obvious that she is a top quality and was very well raised and socialized ...

... As soon as we got to Bev's home, and met the parents of the puppies, and her other dogs, we felt this was going to be a positive visit. Unlike some of the other breeder homes we visited, her dogs were Very very social, and Not barking like crazy, and not fearful ...

Read the full letter here

The Yule family wrote

This letter is written in recommendation of Misty Trails and Bev Dorma from whom we purchased our black Havanese puppy Kobi (born Coby/Cobalt). I cannot say enough about the experience. ...

... To this day we look back at the other options we had and say we were so fortunate that Bev led us to Kobi. Now one year later, he is a beautiful, happy dog who loves being around people more than anything ...

Read the full letter here

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