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Breeders can be found in
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Ultra-Sweet 100% Pure Havanese Puppies for the Discerning Dog Fancier.
Specializing in QUALITY Havanese - raised with love - shown with pride!
Well bred, well socialized puppies available to approved homes.


Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered purebred pups
Vet referred, with health guarantee
All puppies are very well socialized

When it comes to our reputation, and Havanese breeding program, quality is NOT negotiable.

YES, we have puppies - AWESOME, mild, gentle, loving temperment...
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We offer LIFETIME support on every puppy we place!

Bev, you currently have 4 of the top-ranked 15 Havs in the country.
No other breeder has more than 2 dogs in the top 20. Congratulations! Misty Trails rocks! :)) SB

2009 Show Results
4 top Dogs, including #1 and #2 in the Country
Cruiser #1, Tango #2, Reo and Reddi

2010 Show Results
Tango #1 Male, Reo #1 Female, (error on page, we are #1, and have certificate),
Eddie, MoJo, and Mandi Callunavias Ars Amandi

2011 Show Results
Reo #1 female (so far), Tango #3 male (limited shows), Jo and Tory
2011 Puppy Results

2012 Show Results
Eddie was #1 in Canada for most of the year ending the year as a close second.
2012 Puppy Results

2013 Show Results
Diego #1 in Canada 2013
2013 Puppy Results

2014 Show Results
Panda #1 in Canada 2014

If you're interested in a show potential Puppy
please contact Bev at

MistyTrails Havanese

Emily & Bev Dorma

Phone: (250) 743-5370
Cell: (250) 709-1805

Our Pups travel the world as show dogs!
Smilla is off to to Sweden in August - www.callunavias.se to be with Karin
Tequilla goes to www.isparlan.se to be with Lollo
Tess and Machiato go to Pam in Hawaii www.havanesehawaii.com

ASSESSING Show puppies, Pet potential puppies are sold as Pets, Show Potential puppies are placed as Show and Breeding Potential. Pups are carefully assessed to the standard at 8 weeks. Never do I send out a Pet puppy with breed faults for a new owner to try to show.

Email Bev at: mistytrails@uniserve.com

We soap down our pups at 8 weeks, and check structure, top line, rise and tail set ... head and ears are measured.

nice straightness

good angulation

correct bite

incorrect bite

REARS are checked for straightness, and no hocking and Angulation. Correct bite is checked.

soap down fronts

correct fronts

incorrect fronts

Soap down fronts, check for correct 4x4 fronts, nice chest, proper length of legs,
and STRAIGHT legs with no chrondodisplasia.

We offer LIFETIME support on every puppy we place!

Parents are Champions, or Champion lines, with proven temperments.
All parents have current health testing, including CERF and Luxating Patella's
(It is very important that a breeder is doing eyes, Cardiac, and Patella's ANNUALLY.)

Puppies have FULL vet Exam, CKC tatoo'd or microchip'd, and guaranteed
First shots and wormed. Can. complimentary Pet insured

Isoflurane, though more expensive, is extremely safe, and is not metabolized in the same way as halothane or methoxyflurane. Wakeup is almost immediate once the medication is discontinued. Isoflurane is generally the anesthetic of choice for Havanese. Discuss this with your Vet.

Click here if your looking for a pet!

Click here to view puppies that have found their forever families!

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